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Equipment: Three Sideas Sealing Bag Making Machine
Equipment Type: Packaging Equipment -> Others
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Technical Parameters:
Usage: The machine is applicable to the production of twofold or multifold three-sides-sealed BOPP、PET、CPP、PE、nylon、aluminum foil, and paper as basis materials. The equipment is easy to run and its product is smooth in surface and beautiful in shape, with high thermal sealing intensity and high production speed, it is the ideal packing bag manufacturing equipment.
Main Features:
Description: This machine adopts computer controlling system which is of industry level; All the parameters adopt CRT real-time display. The bag-making speed, bag-making length, temperature, counting, punching and conveyor quantity of doubling finished products, etc. can be preset; Releasing tension can be controlled by full-automatic adjustable magnetic power ,constant tension control system; LPC automatic deviation-rectifying, double photoelectric tracking; New type pressure-lifting 6 times conveying function; Computer 16-route PID constant temperature control; Pneumatic multi-functional punching, automatic collecting of cut rim charge, electrostatic elimination; Technology of self supporting and self-sealing device is in the lead at home, which can truly make bag by one machine with multiple functions.
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